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Best Hot Sauce - Western Canada (Sam Salmons 2010)

Best Hot Sauce Western Canada

I've seen this Nelson-made product around but given it's relatively high price had shied away from trying it given my less-than-stellar experience with other domestic products. However the Awassi company owner was doing a tasting @ Edible BC in GIM so WTH. Happy to report that Awassi Ebesse Zozo is *****fabulous*****, light years beyond anything else, made by a true master. To some hot sauce might taste all the same but not this brew, it has level upon level of delicious goodness and unexpected hints lurking in the background plus a few bursting in the foreground. The company Owner/Chef is from the tiny African country of Togo-what wonderful food they must have. The only thing I've ever tasted that was remotely similar was home made Trinidadian or Tobagoan sauce-the kind you can't usually buy outside the country. If you're at all fond of spicy food this is a real find at any price. Available @ Edible BC and I think I've seen it @ Capers in the past, for Albertans I wouldn't be surprised if specialty stores in Calgary carry it seeing as how it's made in the Kootenay right next door.

NB-Note that I said Best in Western Canada-Toronto has a huge population of West Indians and lots of Africans and I have no idea if anyone is doing anything similar but I wouldn't be surprised to hear they were.
Sam Salmon Jan 25, 2010 10:25PM

Fire Up The Dragons
Those familiar with Edmond Segbeaya’s fiery creations may want to cheer on the B.C. hot-sauce entrepreneur this Wednesday (October 7) at 8 p.m., when he appears on CBC’s Dragons’ Den. The Togo-born Nelson resident will go before the tough-talking Dragons with his award-winning Ebesse Zozo habañero sauce to see if they go for the burn. Segbeaya’s scorchingly delicious sauce is available at Capers Whole Food Market. Visit for the back story.